About Us

Dental care and oral hygiene in Caloundra

Prevention is Key to achieving a beautiful, healthy smile. Look after your teeth and oral hygiene with Maven Dental Caloundra (formerly Caloundra Dental Centre) in Caloundra.

Our philosophy

Before any treatment begins, our philosophy is to take the time to sit down with you to discuss your goals for a healthy mouth and smile. Together, we can then develop a unique treatment plan, which will aim to help you retain your natural teeth for the duration of your lifetime. Once all of these things have been discussed and agreed upon, we can start to action any treatment required.

Our Dentists


Don’t suffer through teeth or mouth pain. We offer an emergency service to efficiently treat any urgent dental problems that might arise. Hopefully it never gets to that stage, we prefer to be proactive about dental care to prevent serious problems in the future. We also specialize in oral hygiene, crowns and bridges, nightguard splints, mouthguards, implants, and teeth whitening for a bright smile.